Schooling with a difference

A Rare Feat

Did you think she is another girl living next door? No, if you consider her passion for education. She walks 5 Kms. to school every day and back. Her mother works in the farm while her father tills the landlord’s farm. Kamala (name changed) gets up early in the morning, cooks meals for herself and her parents and then attends school which is far away from her little hut. She is so passionate about her studies that she never misses her classes. During the sowing season, she helps her parents in the farm after her school hours. Whatever little time is left after her hard days toil, she makes sure she studies in the dim light available in the hut.

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Bitter Schooling

Believe it or not, but this is a school building! Only because of the painted words on the walls, the passersby realize that it’s a school. Such and even worse is the condition of schools in rural areas. In the rainy season there are leakages, in summers there are no fans to keep the air cool, in winters there is no way to protect them. Even then the children come to school because they want to learn and they want to be better occupied than their parents. Both parents and the children have realized the need of education even in the rural areas. But there are no proper classrooms; the quality of teaching is also not up to the mark. How then can we dream of a better Nation?

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Fuelling Fantasy

Usually a chaotic class is today calm and quiet. Their ‘fighting’ amongst them has stopped suddenly and there are smiles on their faces. They are taken aback with what has come to their school. These students had never seen a computer, and today they are going to take an eLearning class. In area where electricity functions on its own whim and fancy, eLearning is a word never heard of. When they see animated pictures on the wide screen in front of them, they cannot believe it. They are completely taken aback and are wondering how it will unfold.

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