Kompkin fun e-kzam

Kompkin, India’s First Comprehensive Knowledge and Educational System has a proven track record of braining quality and Innovative education to students. Exams are now possible with Kompkin’s innovative product of “Fun e-kzam”. This helps students to prepare for future competitive examination. They have to answer questions in specified time limit correctly. Teachers can assess 50 students at a time in the classroom with the help of remote based exams.Kompkin has developed a novel idea of conducting exams efficiently which supports Maharashtra Board’s Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) System. These exams will be easy to conduct, quick and enjoyable.


Contains Question Bank with 15,000+ questions.
Teachers can take quick exam using Question Bank.
The system can be used for CCE (Continuous Comprehensive evaluation) pattern.
Result Sheets can be generated in excel format that can be used later.
Teachers can make their own Test Papers.
This can be used for weekly/Monthly/Quarterly tests.